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Amranur Rahman
Local Guide

“ I went there twice and collected some mountain fruits. The taste of Banana was unforgettable. “

News : রাঙামাটির বিখ্যাত বনরুপা বাজার
Zakaria Mohammad

“ Binodpur Bazar is situated in Motihar, Rajshahi, beside Dhaka-Rajshahi highway. Rajshahi University is very close to here. All kinds of necessary commodities are found here at very cheap rate. “

Bazar : Binodpur Bazar City Market - বিনোদপুর বাজার সিটি মার্কেট
Zakaria Mohammad

“ This is another Loving Place. Everything is Available Here. It is far about 18 KM from Rangpur City. “

Bazar : Pirgachha Bazar (পীরগাছা বাজার)

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